Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sign the Petition to Get WPD to Refill Llanishen Reservoir!

If you use electricity then some of the money you pay your electricity company will go to Western Power Distribution (WPD). Therefore you’d hope they’d respect the communities they serve. However with Llanishen Reservoir now drained WPD have left the site in a right mess, showing no respect to their Cardiff 'customers':

If this is a typical example of how they work goodness knows what condition our electricity infrastructure is in!

Western Power Distribution also run an environmental  scheme under their  banner called 'Keen to Be Green'. Their website goes on to state: "Keen to Be Green is our environmental initiative. Its aim is to protect and enhance the communities served by us.'

Actions speak louder than words. Are WPD really “Keen to be Green” and do they really “Aim to protect and enhance  the communities served by us”? The only way for WPD to resolve this is to refill the reservoir.

Sign the petition now  (CLICK HERE) and lets get WPD to clean up their mess and refill the reservoir!

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