Thursday, 26 September 2013

3000 Signature Petition Handed To Cardiff Council to Get Llanishen Reservoir Refilled

On Thursday 26th September a petition with over 3000 signatures was handed over at the general meeting of Cardiff Council. The petition calls on Cardiff Council to do all in its power to get Llanishen Reservoir refilled. The
ownership of the reservoir has transferred from Western Power Distribution to Celsa steel company. This has occurred since the petition was set up but the petition’s appeal for the reservoir to be refilled remains valid.

Its to be hoped both Celsa and Cardiff Council will take a positive view of the petition and act on the call of thousands of Cardiff’s residents to get the reservoir refilled.

Also earlier this month (9/9/3) the Echo reported that the primary reason Celsa have taken ownership of the Cardiff reservoirs is to secure their water supply, steel making requires good clean water and lots of it! Therefore re-filling Llanishen reservoir is entirely compatible with their business and would serve their needs into the future with the predicted extremes of weather and the changing climate.

Also at that same meeting Cardiff Council agreed to build 41,000 new houses in the LDP and this means there will eventually be a vast built-up area to the north of the city. In this context retaining the open space and the reservoirs themselves is even more vital as they provide an important wildlife corridor and could also be available to the public to enjoy walks in a natural environment. 

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